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Originally used to identify an organization, a family or a nation, an emblem is now a way for companies to represent their products, services or events. Known also as logo and created from powerful storytelling, it is the key element of a memorable brand identity and a successful marketing strategy.
The logo is the first thing people will see and it differentiates you from everyone else.


This is why we have made Logo Design our core expertise.


Founder / Creative Director

Passion and proficiency run in his veins. With a brain that’s always buzzing, our founder Sofiane has a restless ambition to create inspiring work. For the last decade he has built and revitalized brands for leading firms such as LG, Pepsi, HP, PPG and Lagardère Sports, turning creative visions into market-ready ventures.


/ Marketing Solutions

Performance driven and always pushing the limits. His shared passion for creativity and technology drives him to build unique solutions that deliver results.


/ Photographer

His passion for visual design has led to a mastery of multiple core-competencies within his industry including, but not limited to, creative direction, graphic design, screen printing, linocut.


/ Copywriter

Mel makes your brand come alive via a clever use of the alphabet. For years she has written for global brands, crafting powerful copy that delights and persuades.


We keep it simple

We go for the KISS approach (keep it simple, stupid). Working with us is easy, stimulating and structured and we relish close collaboration. Together we are stronger.

Young & Free

We enjoy creative freedom without borders. Doing things differently, pulling out all the stops. As an independent agency, we’re not beholden to the corporate machine, we’re free to make it happen.

Quality over Quantity?

This is a nonsensical thing to ask.
Delivering high-quality work is our religion, regardless of the deadline. Our experience allows us to create successful designs even in a fast-paced world.

Need a brand refresh ?

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