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Let's talk brand.

Originally used to identify an organization, a family or a nation, an emblem is now a way for companies to represent their products, services or events. Known also as logo and created from powerful storytelling, it is the key element of a successful marketing strategy.

What makes
a successful brand logo ?

A successful logo tells a story and makes you think. It makes you feel something. When logos and brands work together and mesh seamlessly, sparks fly. There are a variety of elements that can go into a logo design to make it successful -- from the color choice to the imagery used and even down to the font. Logos have a way of making an impact on your audience in both subtle and striking ways. And it's up to you to decide in what way you want your logo to hit.

Start thinking of yourself as a brand.

Talents also need their own personal brand that drives business results, generates a positive impact in the world, and creates your dream life in the process.


The laborastrory

Self-initiated projects are a great opportunity to work together in a fun and relaxed way.

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