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We are a diverse team of individuals who share a natural curiosity and passion for the possibilities of creativity. 


Founder / Creative Director

Besides my high qualification in visual communication, it’s my passion for drawing that lead me to where I am today. It allowed me to constantly learn new techniques in the field : Be it ink or pixel, paper or a graphic tablet, vector or animation, I easily adapt and explore all the processes that give me the opportunity to express my art. My experiences allowed me to become a professional graphic designer on top of being an artist.

Our ambitions are high. Together with our clients we aim to create relevant, effective, and desirable designs that make a difference.

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We see every project as the start of a relationship.

We immerse ourselves in each project, thereby gaining a thorough understanding of client’s world, opportunities and possible threats.

Location : 92 cours lafayette,
69003 Lyon. France

Phone : (+33) 667 867 161   
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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