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We are a diverse team of individuals who share a natural curiosity and passion for the possibilities of creativity. 


Founder / Creative Director

Passion and proficiency run in his veins. With extensive skills in branding and illustration, Sofiane prides himself on going above and beyond on every project. His work experience over the past 10 years has allowed him to collaborate with leading firms such as LG, Pepsi, HP, PPG and Lagardère Sports
He’s so passionate and hardworking; it needs to be seen to be believed.


/ Marketing Solutions

Performance driven and always pushing the limits. His shared passion for creativity and technology drives him to build unique solutions that deliver results.


/ Photographer

His passion for visual design has led to a mastery of multiple core-competencies within his industry including, but not limited to, creative direction, graphic design, screen printing, linocut.


/ Business Development

With a strong background in sales and his understanding of communication arts field, Dean develops new business opportunities across the US territory. He is a devoted Chicago Bulls fan.

We are a dedicated team with high ambitions. We may all have different specialities, but our goals and how we set out to achieve them are
the same – with passion, a love of what we do and hard work.

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Location : 92 cours lafayette,
69003 Lyon. France

Phone : (+33) 667 867 161   
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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